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Residence Carla - Axa Casal Palocco

Contact Information
Сергей Аникеев
150 000
160 000
Lot №:
55 m²
Distance to sea:
4 km
Distance to airport:
15 km

Residence Carla is a prestigious real estate complex of 3 buildings recently built in the green district of Rome named Axa. It's well-connected to the commercial activities of EUR, to the Acilia train station Acilia (3 km away) and to the sea near Ostia (about 4 km away).

The complex, built with modern construction techniques, is made up of 100 apartments with high quality finishes and materials. In addition, these buildings were designed in the name of a new concept of living that is based on the presence of large, liveable outdoor spaces.

The concern for the environment (energy saving) is very high: almost all the properties of Residence Carla is in Energy Class A (with some apartments in A+ class and other in B class).

Book your apartment by paying just 5% of the property value. You can apply for loans up to 80%. You can also buy apartments already furnished behind architectural consultancy (free of charge), obtain personalized payments and exchange your property for a new one.

If you choose the "Rent to Buy" option you can buy a property by blocking the sale price for four years and paying a simple monthly rent for as long as 4 years (see the "Buying Options" tab of this page).


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