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Сергей Аникеев
560 000
Lot №:
520 m²
Land area:
60000 m²
Distance to sea:
75 km
Distance to airport:
100 km

The property consists of a large historic building, known to all by the name of "Il Castello di Montalbano": it is an organized connection facilities of various sizes, which, thanks to the power and compactness of their walls are able to convey the impression of strength and greatness of this fortified structure. The basic unit consists of a three-story rectangular building, with a hipped roof: it can be seen even from the access road , separated outside the square tower of the same height in the north- west corner; from the opposite tower at the southwest corner there was only a basis for a similar structure. Within the walls of the tower are still visible characteristic loopholes. More ancient part of this exclusive residence, a large tower, which was the "male" part of the fortress towers over the rest of the fortress and is a very compact superstructure with a roof supported by brick cornices and windows located below the loopholes, the one-time for the defense of the main entrance. The entire structure, along with the others, adjacent part, has 4 floors and is located in the eastern part of the complex. The main entrance to the castle is an open arch in the north facade that leads into a small courtyard, where the entrance to a ground floor apartment located on the sides, 2 external staircase leading to two separate areas of the second floor. First floor rooms are a series of basements and / x space, which is currently out of service, do not use , but which may be reconstructed into a spacious living room; the upper floors of the complex were living rooms, and partly (towers ) were used for defensive purposes. The total area of ​​approximately 520 square meters of the castle In the inner part of the property, near the fortified complex is also present additional agricultural building 35 sqm This property is complemented by surrounding her whole plot of land with a total area of 5.25 hectares, which is divided into 8 parts, including arable land, forest, and very close to the castle - a small olive grove. Superficie utile: 450 - Total usable area. Vani: 19 - Total rooms.

Possible Roman origin, the name comes from the Latin Aquasparta Aquas Partas, due to its location between the sources and dell'Amerino Furapane Valley Naia, one of the tributaries of the river Tiber. In the Middle Ages Aquasparta was part of the so-called Land Arnolfe and, after a few of the steps taken by a church rulers (among which was also bishop of Todi ), she was transferred into the possession of the family Cesi, who built the castle of the same name in the future (XVI cent.). The town was also the beginning of 1600 gg. and a center for the reorganized thanks to the interest of Count Federico Cesi, Academia dei Lincei. Montalbano Castle is located at an altitude of 370 m. Above sea level, in a dominant position over the hills, surrounded by beautiful nature with a breathtaking panoramic view of 360° on the nature and the surrounding towns, such as Aquasparta and  a little further away - Citta di Todi not isolated, is easily accessible from the center Aquasparta - 3 km, of which 1 km passes along a dirt road in excellent condition, regardless of the time of year. In terms of logistics, Montalbano Castle geographically incredibly conveniently located and is easily accessible, as only 5 min. from the castle is a motorway E45, which is very easy to get to the major cities of Umbria, such as Spoleto (22 km), Todi (25 km), Narni (25 km), Terni - 22 km. Porridge and Norcia ( 65/70 km), Perugia and Orvieto (60 km), as is easily accessible and Rome with its international airport - about 1 hour away by car (100 km).

Montalbano Castle was inhabited until the end of 2001 for the moment is not used for reasons of their technical condition; former owner has taken all measures to keep the house in a stable state until further renovations and restoration. Castle needs primarily in the works for its restoration of its structure, not completely, but in some of its areas, where stronger affected the influence of time. External walls are completely finished with the raw stone, belonging to different historical periods, but perfectly compatible with one another in the aesthetic aspect. Nevertheless, it will be necessary to conduct a general strengthening of the structure in accordance with its ancient spirit. It is also necessary to carry out the restoration of the interior, performing work within reasonable measures, adhering to a conservative point of view, moreover, that favors the presence of many of the original architectural elements, such as the antique fireplaces and vaulted ceilings, coopers and monastery vaults, as well as wood-beamed ceilings and terracotta tiles in other rooms. It should be noted that there are many available original materials to be restoration, and longwall, this concerns the old floors of terracotta tiles and cobbled stone walkway on the first floor. The land is located in a single block, with a total area of 5.25 hectares and are uncultivated, of which 3,702 hectares can be used for arable land and 1,824 ha of forest. There's also a private source of water which in the future may be used for irrigation of the surrounding green areas to the castle, which, no doubt, will only add to the attractiveness of the castle.

Available all communications town Aquasparta, which is a 5 min. drive from the castle, or, if you prefer, a short walk along the beautiful nature Aquasparta. The castle is already served by electricity and water. That relates to the heating system may install a cylinder of liquefied gas.

Given the good location , beautiful view around , and the area in which this property is definitely having a high historical value of the entire structure, a prestigious castle "Castello di Montalbano" can return to its status as an incredibly rare and magnificent in its luxury private residence or an impressive representative of the complex. All unique structure will not be underestimated , even if equip it for rent by tourists, as proposed by the international tourism market like historical architectural marvel Italy this level of prestige and importance has always been incredibly attractive.


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