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Tuscany, agricultural and wine

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Татьяна Аникеева
2 500 000
Lot №:
770 m²
Land area:
120000 m²
Distance to sea:
60 m
Distance to airport:
40 km

Prestigious wineries enterprise for sale in Tuscany, known as and abroad, has an area of ​​12.83,70, distributed as follows: 6.95 ha. vineyards Vino Nobile di Montepulciano (DOCG); 1.50 ha vineyards, Rosso di Montepulciano; 0.55 ha. vineyards I.G.T. Toscana and 2.50 ha. olive grove with dispersed trees involved in the production of oil, plus 1 ha. the rest of the plot of land adjacent to the winery. In 2010, the owners decided to uproot about 0.42 hectares. vineyard for implementation over the next years of special vineyard, specializing in the production of it Vinsanto di Montepulciano. This structure has the ability to produce wine and olive oil are due to the working techniques, acquired in the last 3 years. All buildings on the territory of the prestigious Business for sale in Tuscany include: a large room of 360 square meters, where carried out vinification and aging wine, villa of about 230 sqm, which has been completely renovated and has a license on a sleeps 6, with a/c building area of ​​180 sq.m. be reconstructed with a possible development plan. This prestigious c/x company for sale in Tuscany for sale on a " closed door" without the produced wine.

The special geographical location on the crest of the hill between Val d'Orcia and Valdikyana defined historical past of Montepulciano, describing its special urban pattern. In the commune of Montepulciano live about 15,000 people, of which one-third - in the city, and has a total area of ​​165 square kilometers; this is one of the 10 largest municipalities Sienese Valdikyany. It rises on a hill about 605 m. Above sea level, so there is a place for living in the valleys, where it is located, this county; the landscape becomes even more pleasant to the eye, thanks to the olive groves, vineyards and many other natural aspects of the area, such as chalk hills and cypress trees that form the landscape in the "upright". From the main tower of the fortress in the Renaissance style, situated in the center of the commune, overlooking the Sibillini Mountains and Cimone , and only clearly visible Gran Sasso in the Abruzzo region of Italy. From Montepulciano easy access to Val d'Orcia (Pienza, San Quirico, Bagno Vignoni), to Mount Amiata, Umbria (Perugia, Assisi , Trasimeno) and Lazio.

Located in excellent general condition, all the vineyards young in a great geographical location.

at this prestigious c/x company has all the necessary communications and autonomous systems.

this prestigious c/x company for sale in Tuscany is in perfect order in documentary, and was entered in the land register of the commune of Montepulciano.

Executed on an individual. RMAA has never been requested.

Ideal for commercial activities practiced at the moment, with specific and credible sales volumes.


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