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Liguria, property by the sea luxury villas

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Сергей Аникеев
890 000
Lot №:
200 m²
Land area:
1500 m²
Distance to sea:
4 km
Distance to airport:
94 km

Villa Ortensia - this luxury villa has a large area and is in a position with beautiful open views at 360° and only 4 km from the sea. Floor area of the villa of 200 sq.m. divided into spacious premises that represent the impression of prestige, characteristic of this villa; its large area contains the most warm and cozy living room overlooks the garden, it features a fireplace and a kitchen, as there are two large two-place bedrooms, three bathrooms, living room, terrace. Complement this property is beautiful, the surrounding garden with its narrow alleyways and secluded places where you can enjoy the mild climate throughout the year, as well as plus a little extra for house guests or staff, warehouse, garage, pantry. Also possible to build a swimming pool, to give even more of this chic villa.

This villa is located on the first hill of the Empire, in a residential area with panoramic views of the sea, which is only 900 m. Away from the beach. Empire is one of the four places in the province of Liguria, a city with two guises, as interesting and suitable for a pleasant pastime. It was formed in 1923 from the reunification of the two nearby towns with very different histories: Oneglia founded after 1000 years. as bishop of Albenga estate, was sold after the family of Genoa - Doria, then Savoia family, while Porto Maurizio is situated on a promontory near the medieval town was surrounded by walls. Empire is located in the heart of the prestigious Riviera dei Fiori in Liguria, on the ground between the mountains and the sea, offers a variety of landscape and all kinds of entertainment. Liguria and the Riviera dei Fiori in particular include everything you need: the sea with beautiful beaches with golden sand or pebbles, the ski slopes in the nearby mountains about an hour away by car, pedestrian paths and trails to ride montanbayke, bike paths along the sea, the church, castles and medieval towns. Empire also offers the possibility of year-round shopping under the arcades and streets Bonfante Oneglia, theater seasons in the Teatro Covour in Porto Mauruzio, two movie theaters, restaurants, bars and enoteca (wine bars), as Empire is a unique location, which produces extra virgin olive oil class , grow basil, also produce such fragrant local wine as Pigato, Vermentino and Rossese, also engaged in fishing and there is a special kind of tourism, fisheries, besides the climate is very mild throughout the year, clean sea and regular international events such as regattas Vele d'Epoca and Sole & Vento with the launch of the giant kites with participants from around the world . In addition to settling the Empire the largest port of the Mediterranean from 1300 berths, the only one of its kind in the port of the city center! Distances: Nice airport - 94 km; Monaco - 71 km; Genoa Airport - 109 km; w / railway station and the port of Oneglia Empire Empire - Maurizio; Motorway A10 to exit Imperia Ovest.

This property is in excellent condition and with the highest quality finishing materials - marble, wood, terracotta tiles; In addition, external area of ​​the property -zasazhenny various plants garden, very well-kept.

As the main villa and an additional building provided with all the necessary communications.

This villa for sale in accordance with the regulations was entered in the urban housing inventory NCEU

The entire property is for sale framed by a natural person and the sale is subject to registration the tax is calculated on the cadastral value.

This villa is suitable for living all year round and is suitable for use in a first home and a second; additional building is ideal as a guest house. In addition, this property is an excellent option for foreign buyers, taking into account its proximity to two airports in Nice and Genoa, to which it is possible to get an hour away by car, as well as relatively close to the biggest port in the Mediterranean from 1300 berths.


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