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Татьяна Аникеева
3 800 000
Lot №:
1730 m²
Land area:
29000 m²
Distance to sea:
70 km
Distance to airport:
25 km

This prestigious villa "La Fattoria" was built on a hill and therefore has excellent visibility at 360° thanks to its position surrounded by mountains Jovi , which is at the foot of the river Arno. Villa square shape was built on an ancient tower, which is perhaps the core of the original design. Some architectural elements, such as the crushing room, fireplace, bath in the main hall, as well as the shape of the windows, and go back to the period of construction 1400 's. Not far from the villa there is a small church with a Renaissance façade. Around the villa there are various buildings for the accommodation of farmers with the necessary s/x buildings: storage for jars with olive oil, a stable, a wine cellar. At last the door can be parse date of construction: 1690 In general , this prestigious property is like a small village. The main part of the villa has 4 floors with a total area of ​​730 sq.m. (not counting the attic); on the ground floor there is a room with a former press for crushing olives and pomace, two basements and a small pantry. On the second floor hallway, two large double bedrooms, kitchen, utility room and two bathrooms. On the second floor: a kitchen, five bedrooms, three of which are large double, living room, hallway, storage room and two bathrooms; on the attic floor, in turn, are two practical premises; Near the villa there is a small church, which has two floors, on the ground with a single location for religious ceremonies and on the second floor with a small pantry, with a total area of ​​50 sq.m. Adjacent to the main structure of the villa has a total area of about 1,000 sq.m. and three floors; on the ground there are two storage rooms and apartments with a/c use; on the second and third floors, in addition to storage space, woodpile, laundry, there are an additional 4 suites. Area where this villa, location in relation to the past, has been expanded with the addition of the pool rectangular shape. Besides a few meters from the main building is a/c building with a courtyard located in front of her, which has only one floor is used as a warehouse and storage space for a/v equipment and tools, with a total area of ​​190 sq.m. As part of the villa there is the same plot of land divided into three parts, one of which is in the Docci, where there are also all the buildings, and the other two at a moderate distance on the slope of Mount Jovi, at an altitude of 600 m. Above sea level. In total, it is about 29 hectares. land; Mixed forest, plus some deciduous trees and areas with pine plantations, an area of ​​about 2.37.50 ha. Located in a great vegetative state. Piece of land with vineyard covers an area of ​​2.11.21 hectares. Planted in 1973, plus one new vineyard of about 1 ha. planted in 2000, just one more new vineyard in 2000, and a plot of land with an area of 2,300 sqm, planted in 2001; grapes, used to make wine and protected by patents IGT appellation of origin "Chianti Rufina" have an area of ​​3.11.15 hectares. Olive grove, involved in the production, occupies a plot of 1.50.00 hectares. planted with olive trees and a free-form , the most suitable for obtaining a high yield level. Plot of agricultural land, in turn, has about 1,500 olive trees grown in pots in the form of shrubs and a large trunk for possible replacement of the existing trees in the event of freezing as it was in 1985; despite the fact that the site was not planted nothing but olive trees, it was classified as arable land is under the tree species, as number of trees per 1 ha. land is not possible to issue a site like specialty. Management cultures shows agronomic practices substantially normal standard type. A total area of ​​agricultural land is 27.98 ha. A plot of land is not involved in the production, not processed or used is 1.59 hectares. Superficie utile: 1383 - Total usable area. Vani: 60 - Total rooms. Bagni: 10 - Bathrooms. Camere: 15 - Bedrooms.

The hill occupied by the prestigious property is accessible through an asphalt road leading to the property (which connects the Molino del Piano and Docci) and the segment of rammed earth a length of about 200 m. As well as particularly situated villa also in close proximity to a small town Docci, and is independent of the other residential areas. In addition, this villa is located in the center of a large area in a typical environment, with special attention to preserving the original structures. The area is in the south of the Arno River, and east of the river Sieve, to the west of the valley Vetta le Croci, which leads to the town of Fiesole and the north of Monte Rotondo (773 m. Above sea level) and Monte Jovi (992 m. above sea level). Florence is only 20 km.

Some architectural solution to this prestigious villa, for example a room with a press for crushing olives and pomace, a fireplace, a bathroom in the main hall as well as the shape of the windows of the villa is characterized by a standard unit of houses in 1400 years. At the entrance to the wine cellar, where once there were homes of farmers is still possible to make out the date of construction: 1690 This building was under renovation in the late 1990s.

There are all the necessary communications systems. The water supply is guaranteed connection to the city water supply. Heating system - gas.

This villa was entered in the urban housing inventory NCEU Commune Pontassieve and N.C.T. the same commune.

This property is framed by a natural person , the sale is subject to registration tax of 9%, respectively, calculated by the cadastral value.

This prestigious property is characterized by its simple style buildings; is in an ideal location for those who love the beauty of Florence and at the same time wants to enjoy the splendor of the natural environment, thanks to the villa opens up a panoramic view; moreover closely spaced major tourist centers of the region and urban infrastructure, which can be reached quickly, but at the same time, they do not violate the tranquility of the surrounding landscape and the privacy of this prestigious villa, which can become a private residence, and as a great home for the recreation, but also can be used as a hotel complex.


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