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Car Park Gatwick - London, Crawley

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Durables machine near the largest airports in the UK have long been in demand among investors due to their high rental potential and their liquidity. And what can be more liquid than the second largest airport in London.
Investing in parking spaces near Gatwick Airport is a wonderful way to expand your investment portfolio:
• Cost: £ 25,000 for a parking space.
• Actual income of 10-12% per year.
• Potential growth in the value of real estate to 25%.
Arcasa-Group offers a unique strategy for investing in parking spaces under the management of the largest management company, including two large brands that have been involved in parking management for over 30 years, Help Me Park and Cophall Parking. These 2 companies have long been known to everyone who travels from London Gatwick Airport, since these parking lots have the "Approved Operator Scheme" badge at Gatwick Airport.
All parking spaces are sold according to the form of ownership of Leasehold and when purchasing parking spaces, the investor receives a certificate of ownership.
The management company guarantees you a lifetime management contract. According to this agreement, your rental income will consist of two components:
• Guaranteed income (according to the management agreement, you will be paid 2% of the fixed income per year)
• 8% of guaranteed income for 2 years (when investing in parking spaces near Gatwick airport, you become the owner of the shares of the management company 1 parking space = 1 share of the company.) The management company will evenly distribute net income from all parking and pay out income as dividends) . *
* After the end of the guaranteed period, the income from the parking will be evenly distributed among all investors. According to the management company's report, the actual income for 2017 was 6.93%.
Option of repurchase
In 5 years you can buy out your property at a purchase price.
Also, at any time you can sell your property. According to RICS, the cost of one car parking is £ 37,500.
Gatwick Airport
Like most UK airports, Gatwick is developing rapidly. Currently, the airport is invested 2.7 billion pounds, which are aimed at increasing passenger traffic. Today, passenger traffic is 45 million a year, and thanks to the investment program, it is planned to increase it to 50 million in the near future. For example, in 2014, passenger traffic at Gatwick Airport amounted to 38 million.
To date, 70% of this number are local residents, 38% of whom come to the airport by their own car. Even with the condition that 4 people are in each car, more than 4,000 cars come to the airport every day.
The average length of rental parking spaces is from 5 to 7 days, which means that at least 28,000 cars need parking in the parking lot every day.
The average cost of a 1 day parking near Gatwick Airport is £ 16.77. Due to such a high rental cost, the rental income of investors reaches 12% per year.



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