Real Estate in Moscow & Region

Real estate in Russia and Europe


Welcome to the site of company "Arcasa-Group". Our agency of the real estate renders the following services: 
- Real estate sale in Italy (prestigious castles, villas, apartments, the real estate in under construction complexes);
- Real estate for rent in Italy (prestigious villas, castles, apartments);
- Sale of the commercial real estate in Italy (hotels, restaurants, shops, the ground areas under building);
- Company registration in Italy (S.r.l., S.p.a.);
- Selection of individual round in Italy, and also tourism and rest worldwide;
- The help in registration of  Schenghen visas to Italy;
- Agro tourism sale in Italy;
- Real estate sale in Russia;
- Real estate sale in France, in Monacо and in Switzerland.

Besides, we offer legal support through the best notaries, lawyer’s offices in Italy, in France and in Switzerland, assistance in reception of documents for residing, the help in adaptation in new conditions.

Leaning against company "Arcasa-Group", you will find competence and clearness. All real estate abroad, offered on our site, is studied by our agents. We shall choose for you some variants completely answering to your inquiries and the budget.

Real estate purchase abroad is the most safe capital investment in one of the most prestigious world markets of the real estate. It is a real guarantee for you and your children. In the market of the foreign real estate always there is a demand, and the real estate price constantly grows in Europe.

Company Arcasa-Group offers real estate in Italy: villas, houses, apartments, land plots. In addition we sell real estate in other countries of the Mediterranean region and Europe, particularly in France and Switzerland. Company Arcasa-Group offers legal support to the use of the most prestigious law firms and notary offices in Italy, Switzerland and France.

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