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Can foreigners buy property in Italy?

We are often asked whether resident in Italy to buy property here.

Foreigners can buy property in Italy, subject to reciprocity (condizione di reciprocità), ie if Italian citizens can buy in their country of origin, the citizens of this country can purchase property in Italy. This provision is also contained in intergovernmental agreements between countries on the mutual protection of investments. You can see whether your country is a condition of reciprocity on the following link

For example, citizens of Russia and Ukraine are free to buy property in Italy, Belarusian citizens to buy property in Italy must first obtain a residence permit in Italy.

What documents are required to buy a house in France?

One of the issues that most concern to buyers in France, a package of documents to be collected for making a successful deal? Below we give a clear list of such documents.

Both commercial and residential property in France may be subject to purchase and sale and purchase with the participation of non-residents of the country. Any restrictions on the real estate transactions no.

The procedure for the purchase of real estate in France.

A formal agreement between the parties to the transaction (Sous-Seing Prive)

This document should be issued at the initial stage of the transaction between the seller and the buyer, and signed by them. If the agreement is concluded through a notary, this document is called Compromis de Vente. The agreement prescribes object price and payment terms, after the signing of the buyer puts 10% stoimostipriobretaemoy property to a special bank account of the notary. The amount of the deposit is retained until the signing of the sales contract or cancel the transaction. Deposit in full may be returned to the buyer in the event of failure for seven days. After signing the agreement property assigned to the buyer.

Identification of legal purity of the property

This procedure takes about thirty to ninety days, during this period, checked the restrictions imposed on the ownership of the object and the owner. The purpose of this procedure, the identification and completion of inaccuracies that could affect the positive outcome of the transaction.
This work is done by a real estate agent and a notary. In France, the notary does not represent the interests of the buyer or the seller, it is official respect the interests of the state. The task of the notary is to confirm the purity of the transaction on the sale of real estate in accordance with the law and legal norms of the country.

Acte de Vente - a final contract

Before making the final agreement, the buyer shall transfer to the bank account of the notary the necessary amount for the property. After confirming the transfer occurs paperwork and assurances of his notary. The buyer receives the keys from the object, and the notary to the seller takes all the money on the deal.

Register a new owner and insurance

Notary after the signing of the final contract for six days, registers the new owner of the real estate registry office in France. After registration, the owner compulsorily insure their property.

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