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Golden Residence Permit Portugal

Golden Residence Permit Portugal

Golden Residence Permit Portugal

Portuguese Investment Immigration Program (ARI), also known as the Golden Residence Permit (GRP), came into effect on October 8th, 2012, and was revised again in June and September, 2015. The investment requirements state: purchase of real estate property with a value equal to or above 500 thousand euros in Portugal. There are no type or quantity restrictions on real estate properties, it can be residential house, commercial housing, industrial housing, or agricultural land; it can be composed of one or more sets of real estate, only need to meet the total investment value of equal to or above 500 tthousand euros.

• Type of Investment: Purchase of a property, which is stable and risk-free.
• Real Estate: No type or quantity restrictions on properties (houses, land, factory, farms, mansions) just meet the requirement for total amount of €500,000.
• Funds: No need to prove assets, no need to prove the source of funds.
• Application Requirements: The application is very simple; the only requirement is the acquisition of a property.
• Procedure: Fast and easy. The residence permit can be obtained within 2 months, after public deed of the property is executed.
• Interview: The interview is very simple. The applicant can choose to use English or Portuguese, the questions are very easy, and the applicant can be accompanied by a lawyer, a translator, or even a friend.
• Fast: The permanent residence permit is issued within 2 months.
• Fast Visa Renewal: The proof of stay in Portugal to renew the visa.
• Business: The applicant is allowed to work in Portugal.
• Travel: The applicant is free to travel visa-free throughout the 26 Schengen countries.
• Family: The whole family can apply and obtain the residence permit.
• Citizenship: The residence permit holder can apply for permanent residency after 5 years, and citizenship after 6.
• Geography: Portugal is located in the westernmost part of Europe and faces the Atlantic Ocean. It is also one of the most important logistic hubs in the world.
• Life: Portuguese are friendly, the criminal rate is very low, and the climate is amazing.

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