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Turkey is an Islamic country, one part of which is in Asia, and the other in Europe. The country is washed by the three Black seas in the north, the Aegean in the west and the Mediterranean in the south.
country turkey
Its area is 814,000 square meters.
The capital of the country of Turkey is the city of Ankara, used to be the city of Istanbul - the largest city in the country.
That part of Turkey that is in Asia is called Anatolia or Asia Minor. The European part of Turkey is very small and is only 3%, it is called Rumelia or Eastern Thrace. It has a hilly terrain, borders with such countries as Bulgaria and Greece.
Over the past ten years, the country of Turkey has become a very popular resort for recreation, thanks to not expensive price and good quality of services, people like to go there to rest.
The hotels offer everything that only the soul can wish, if we compare it with our rest, then the price and service are very different.
The city of Alanya probably knows everyone who has ever traveled to Turkey or was interested in going there to rest.
If you like ancient and modern history, like to visit monuments of architecture, like large bazaars, then Turkey is exactly for you.
Turkey is above all an unusual culture with a wealth of monuments and interesting places, beautiful beaches with golden sand, beautiful exotic vegetation.

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