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Hotel in Limonta

Contact Information
Сергей Аникеев
9 000 000
Lot №:
4196 m²
Number of floors:
Year of construction:
Distance to lake:
50 m
Distance to airport:
83 km

A property from the 1920's that would be perfect for the construction of luxury hotel bringing it to the previous splendor, or a mega private villa. They have recently granted an extension of the building permit, up to 105 - 120 rooms depending on what you want to do. They have also obtained permission to improve the beach and the building dedicated to the restaurant/bar on the beach, and also the possibility to build a platform to make another restaurant overlooking the lake at the top of the property. The 3 villas and the mountain behind are part of the property. The property that also includes the mountain behind as you can see from the photos. George Clooney's house is close to the property.


Отель на озере Комо
Отель на озере Комо
Отель на озере Комо
Отель на озере Комо

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